Between 1949 and 1990, the term West German Art Pottery became the way to describe German pottery because the country of origin was often the only “mark” on the base, (see below)

German Vase - Dumler Keramic - Fat Lava Period
Dumler Keramic – Fat Lava Period

Even though we now know more of the names of the famous factories like Bay Keramik, Dümler & Breiden (as in the pictures shown), Scheurich and Carstens and such items are increasingly attributed to said potteries, the term “West German pottery” remains a generic term for such works.

From the 1950s to 1970s, German pottery saw a renaissance and studio potters and porcelain makers were actively producing art pottery in the then West Germany.  Although production slowed in the 1970s, such potteries produced well into the 1980s. In the mid 1990’s interest was piquing once again in these vibrant art pieces.

The terms Fat Lava and West German Art Pottery are often used interchangeably, but are actually different. The term Fat Lava relates to the thick glaze that gives the pottery a lava-like look and was used commonly by the German pottery industry.

Dumler Keramic - Fat Lava Period
Dumler Keramic – Fat Lava Period

The term Fat Lava was being used by sellers in Germany in the 1990s, although the translation is probably more likely to be ‘thick’ than ‘fat, but it’s a great term that everyone who loves this pottery style understands. Some people attribute the term to an exhibition of such works by Dr. Graham Cooley during the King’s Lynn Arts Festival in 2006 which is a decade or so later, but that’s for you to debate!

A Fine Vintage has two Dumler Keramic vases (as shown in the above and below images). The first is finished in a speckled white glaze which is further decorated with a ”pop art’ boxed design in vibrant orange and green. The squared pattern is finished in a drip glaze. The colours used epitomise the atmosphere of the race to the moon era. It was on July 20 1969 when Man first landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong stepped out of Apollo 11 onto the lunar surface. This piece screams with the global excitement at that time.

The second which has just been added is a stunning super vintage West German vase produced by the West German Dumler Keramic in the 1960s / 1970s. It’s a fine pottery vase decorated in a vibrant orange drip glaze on a glossy brown ground base and is typical of the period. Click the images to find our more.

Fat Lava Vase | Dumler Keramic
Fat Lava Vase | Dumler Keramic

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